Mobile Coolrooms

While not a weekly occurrence for the business, we have constructed and rented out many mobile coolrooms in the past. Great for keeping cool at garden parties whether it be for food or liquor, these can be constructed onto any trailer provided. Racking can also be installed, for the stacking of the products you need refrigerated.

Keg Room Drinks Cabinet

Here is a small project that we worked on to meet a clients requirements and once again no matter how large or small the job is, we can cater to your every need and build everything to your specification. We are able to create products specific to your industry. For this case for those in the bar and food industry especially.

Bar / Kiosk

This little bar/kiosk was built for Shark Park and as simple as it looks, it is a practical way of selling food and drink at any location of your property or business. This is exactly why the client wanted it. It was a custom job and demonstrates Completes willingness to take on any request, no matter how big or small.

Robot Electronics Belt Drive Sliding Doors

An automatic sliding door that can be controlled via button, pull cord or remote. Supplied by Robot Electronics, we can install it with a subtle appearance yet with the functionality and ease of a button press. At Complete Coolroom Services, all tradesmen have been educated on the method and have received credentials necessary for an installation (please see photo on bottom right).

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