Custom Sliding Doors

This is an example of three custom specified sliding block doors that were built by us. These three doors have specific details such as windows, custom handles and sliding apparatus, and was a specialist project where all pieces were made specific to the clients needs.

Robot Electronics Belt Drive Sliding Doors

An automatic sliding door that can be controlled via button, pull cord or remote. Supplied by Robot Electronics, we can install it with a subtle appearance yet with the functionality and ease of a button press. At Complete Coolroom Services, all tradesmen have been educated on the method and have received credentials necessary for an installation (please see photo on bottom right).

Robot Electronics Site :

Coolroom Swing Door

This is an example of a typical coolroom swing door that we have built for a clients coolroom. This particular example opens outward, using latches, handles and hinges, all done by Complete Coolroom Services. These can be made to specification for your specific application and requirement.