Mobile Coolrooms

While not a weekly occurrence for the business, we have constructed and rented out many mobile coolrooms in the past. Great for keeping cool at garden parties whether it be for food or liquor, these can be constructed onto any trailer provided. Racking can also be installed, for the stacking of the products you need refrigerated.

Kitchen Coolroom

Small, polished install in a kitchen demonstrating the range of jobs we are able to take on, big or small. We are able to fit out the coolroom with glass doors and as seen with the flooring, concreting and finishing can be done as well.

Basic Coolroom

Here is an example of a basic coolroom designed without the necessity of a cool insulated interior. The panel is still an aesthetic choice and is still easily cleaned, making for a more sanitary workplace or home. It can also be fire-rated ensuring your business and home are safer.

Coolroom Swing Door

This is an example of a typical coolroom swing door that we have built for a clients coolroom. This particular example opens outward, using latches, handles and hinges, all done by Complete Coolroom Services. These can be made to specification for your specific application and requirement.